Saint Paul School

Established in 1870

Middle States Commission of Colleges and Schools Accredited

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114 East 118th Street • NY NY 10035

Tel: 212-534-0619 • Fax: 212-534-3990


Principal : Mr. Charles Celauro

Principal assistance: Sister Maria Gema


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About the Catholic Education, Bishop Fulton Sheen


Mission Statement

  We aspire to give the youth a hierarchical formation, which they may realize we have a purpose, that we live to think, and that we think in order to pray.”

The model and guiding principal for our schools will be Saint John Bosco and his preventative system. The substance of his teaching and his particular spirit, his intuitions, his style and charism, do not lose any value since they are divinely inspired by the transcendental pedagogy of God. Even during these times he continues to be a great teacher, introducing an education that is loyal and contemporary. The model will also be complimented by the teachings of Blessed Marcelino Champagnat, Saint John the Baptist La Salle, Mother Maria Mazzarello, Saint John of Calazans, Father Enrique of Ossó, among others.

Desiring that all the faithful receive a Christian education, especially the young people who are the hope of the Church. “I do not fear God’s Providence; no matter how many children we accept free of charge, nor the many great works we undertake for the spiritual good of our neighbor however expensive they may be."

We aspire to form youth “for our time.” This is, youth that guarantee the presence of Christian thought in the world. Capable of discerning good from evil, of making free and just opinions, of defending the truth and abhorring fault.

Youth “for our time,” of strong personalities, capable of neglecting the danger of following the contemporary masses .

We want youth to be “heroic and holy conquerors of all the temptations and attractions of the surrounding world."



Graduates of St. Paul School - back in the day!

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Saint Paul School, East Harlem, New York City, 1952 Class Photo, 3A Girls, Sisters of Charity, Sister Regina's Class




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